The (currently) sad state of Linked in Groups


Have you noticed how much harder it has become to find and use your linked in group?

I run a number of groups, the biggest of which is the Pension Play Pen with over 7000 members. We have enjoyed steady growth of around 30 new members a week since we opened our doors back in 2009 but all that stopped around 2 months ago.

Linked in has a group for people who run groups and it’s gone from being a place of constructive discussion in the summer to a cauldron of simmering resentment! When Linked in announced its latest changes, it received (so far) a staggering 2293 comments in three weeks.

Building an on-line community is no easy business and those who do (like me) have a peculiar pride and paternal interest in the maintenance of the group as a useful place to go. Having invested a lot of spare time in keeping the group honest – and growing, to see the algorithm that linked in manage, turn against us has been tough.

I am sure that we all use Linked In Groups for different reasons but I think we share a relief when we are on them that we are not going to be bombarded with spam, that comments are generally moderated and that we are not subject to phishing from other members. Unlike the groups of many other social media sites, Linked In groups are safe places to share common interests.

Of course there are – what you feel – are weirdos and fanatics in groups , many times you’ll be angered by what people post, but if you feel the group is being run with a strong hand and in a spirit you agree with, you’ll stay and want the group to prosper.

Linked In is a massive thing, one of the world’s biggest companies with a reputation among professionals that twitter and Facebook can only aspire to. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I do not think Linked in is trying to kill off groups, but I think it is danger of making groups difficult to join, to manager and to grow.

So if you value them – use them – keep with us guys and gals as we are currently having a hard time. I’m sure between us, Linked In and groups like Pension Play Pen will sort this out – but till then- be sure that we’re trying!


Oh and by way of reminder to those who enjoy the monthly lunches run by the Pension Play Pen Linked In Group, there is one today! It’s at the Counting House Pub in London, 300 yards east of Bank Station at 50 Cornhill. We’ll be discussing if we need a default way to spend our pension savings and we kick off at 12 for 12.30. Everyone reading this is welcome – whether you are in the group or not. It’s pay as you eat and the typical cost is £15.

See you there!





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