Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

The River Thames is hammering past my patio delivering the rain that’s fallen in mid England back to the ocean, it curls under Windsor bridge and pounds down to Romney Weir past Minivet and on to Eton College. Years ago we’d have been flooded but clever old Eton College got a relief river dug round the back of us and sold the extraction rights to Aldred McAlpine to pay for the Dorney Lake (venue of the Olympic rowing events).

Which is one reason for me to happy about the rain.

Another is the fun it offers us out and abouters! Take the wonderful Robert Rock lining up his bunker shot with his fee a foot below the waterline of this bunker at Lytham St Anne’s at yesterday’s open.

Go on, admit it – you get a happy little feeling of Britishness when you see the rain falling down. Time for a moan with your cup of tea!

Life with a baby umbrella in the bag and a permanently damp pair of socks is a comfort too.

It hasn’t just been the golf. The cricket, the gee-gees, the parties,the festivals and the motor racing have all been wash-outs over this so-called summer!

And we love it!

We love the injustice of being denied our promised summer of sun and if we get a nice hot day or two next week it just won’t be the same.

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