The Racket of the Lambs


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The Pension Play Pen is rather proud of itself for getting its band on stage at the 100 Club tonight. We’re performing a 30 minute set for Pension Rocks and it’s going to be brilliant.

It shows what can be done when you get a cohesive group of like-minded individuals together with a positive attitude.

Unlike any other of the fourteen bands playing the three nights, the Racket of the Lambs is formed of people who by an large had never met a month ago. The eight of us work for eight different companies, do differing jobs and are only connected by working in pensions and having a passion for musical fun.

A lot of people moan about Linkedin being a waste of time, but we are proof positive that with a bit of care, we can  use it  for more than getting ourselves a job.

To all coming tonight, thanks for your support. To all those who haven’t joined the Pension Play Pen but are reading this..


We are the Play Pen –

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the famous Play Pen

We are the Play Pen – the famous Play Pen  (repeat ad nauseam)


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