Yeovil True – win 3-2 – the Glovers are not going down #ytfc

Yeovil Town L.F.C.

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Last night’s 3-2 victory against Wycombe Wanderers lifts the Glovers to 18th in the league, four points out of the relegation zone. Since Gary Johnson’s arrival , and Terry Skiverton‘s retention, the Somerset community based club’s been going  from strength to strength. Read the  ciderspace report here, the BBC report’s on the first link of this paragraph.

The triumph is the greater having been achieved not just against 11 men but aginst the Kettle , surely football’s worst referee.

Apart from this magnificent piece of news, what else have we to contemplate on the football front?

Rangers go into administration in advance of being liquidated by HMRC for cheating us out of our tax.

Suarez has still to apologise for his racist taunts and is no locked in a bitter battle with Quatada and Tevez for the title “Britain’s least wanted man”

The nation breathes a sigh of relief that its next football manager can’t be a tax cheat because he can’t read, write or even tweet.

Against the misery that surrounds the upper echelons of our football leagues and the antics of the FA, the behaviour of our club, its players, its supporters and its management is a beacon of happiness.

These are the words of Ryan Dickson as he tweeted off back to Southampton after his all too brief loan spell;-

Wish yeovil all the best for rest of season really enjoyed my time there! Community based football club that I’m sure will stay up! #Ytfc

Spot on; Yeovil are a club where the distinctions between fans and players merge. It’s true that we could run our club cheaper than Man City run Tevez and if we sold our club, we probably couldn’t buy Tevez’ boots – money means nothing.

I’m writing this to say thanks to all the fans who tweet and blog the news of Gary Johnson’s Green and White army to me. Last night I could and should have been at the game and I  regret being so in love with the missus that I stayed in and spent Valentine’s night with her, pretending to watch a film, eyes stuck to the #ytfc twitterfeed.

Go on Olly, Go on my boy, Go on!

Yeovil True!

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