The next wave of digitization

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The key questions all CEOs and their executive teams must answer center on four themes:
How will digitization impact my current business model and positioning within my industry’s
How can I best identify and enter areas where value is being created, both inside and outside my
What areas of my business offer new entrants clear opportunities to disrupt my current business model,
and how can I best fight back?
Which capabilities do I need to build to be a leader in the field?
The answers to these questions will guide CEOs and their executive teams to decisions about where and how to prioritize their digitization investments among the many competing options.
Matthew Le Merle -Booz & Co “the next Wave of digitization”   August 2011
The import of Matthew’s latest paper – copies of which are available via is not whether companies should embrace digitization or dismiss it as a fad, but how they embrace the new world.
I like Matthew as he’s a really ordinary chap who rows boats , brings up a wonderful family and has been a good friend for many years. He’s not at all the internet geek evangelising from a myopic world view – he get out bigtime!
In fact , like the kids he describes as Generation C, he has mastered new technologies to give him more time rowing, being with his kids and helping his friends.
What makes him different is that he makes smart choices. From buying the right kit to setting the right rules for his kids to being careful about the stuff he shares with his friends.
Very much the lesson to be learned by the CEOs he advises. For Matthew and the super successful people I meet in his company I get a sense that the new stuff which many either dismiss or run away from, is the stuff that can drive forward new businesses and liberate us from the drudgery of quotidian things like sitting inside when its sunny!
Talking of which, that is what I’m doing and I can see through my window the English Channel shimmering with sun ,blackened by the shadow of rain clouds. The sea dancing in waves of luminescence as the wind drives them down from Studland Bay to Hengetsbury Head.
Time to get on my bike and get onto the Purbeck Hills. Have a great Sunday.

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