A place big-bang forgot; the City University Club

The City University Club fails by any modern standard to cut the mustard- but I love it.

It has no accommodation, is only open between 12 and 4 and not at the weekends, the food is firmly stuck in the 70s and is the Club is badly in need of a lick of paint. 

You find it by a brass plaque adjacent to the Counting House at 50 Cornhill. Unless you are fit, you need to take the “lift with the sparkly carpet” to the third floor bar from where there’s another lift or hike to the top floor where you dine.

The club is hugely conservative reading matter is confined to right-wing publications ranging from the Sun to the Spectator via Country Life. The members wear jacket and tie and are largely a crew who subscribed to the Oldie at birth.

The club is run by Robena, a legend in the making and one of that diminishing stock of superwomen who succeed through the certainty of impeccable etiquette.

Do not expect an easy ride from Robena or her staff.  Flash your mobile phone in her and you’ll get a stare of disapproval, produce a pad and paper to take notes of a conversation and a finger will be wagged. This place thrives on conversation but conversations that exist outside of a normal business meeting.

This is the nub of the place. If you are looking to meet and discuss, share ideas and agree positions in the old fashioned way, the CUC is for you- if not-try Starbucks,

The place is linked to all the best West End and provincial clubs of similar ilk around the country. As a dining club it is appalling value for money– as a means to enrich your working life it is a real find.

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