The day when everything changed

This was an awesome day in the life of Britain.

We will look back on today with awe because it was a day when the political mould cracked and a new order emerged.

Today the old politics finally broke and a new very different political order emerged.

Faced with the challenges of a debt crisis across Europe and a realisation of the severity of Britain’s budget deficit, Nick Clegg , David Cameron and Gordon Brown acted with great dignity and considerable personal bravery.

The spin doctors stopped spinning and we saw genuine leadership of a kind we had forgotten amidst the miserable and tortuous political machinations of the past fifteen years,

For once we can be proud of our political system and the integrity of our leaders and I look forward to next week when I hope to see a genuine coalition of parties working towards a common goal.

I may be wrong, I hope I am not wrong, tonight I am proud to be British.

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  1. jeremy hewlett says:

    I have the opposite feeling, ashamed to be British. Looks as if we are about to live through a travesty, where nacked ambition and delusions of self importance ride roughshod over ptotestations of honour, decency and the clear intentions of democracy. On the bright side, Lib Dem & Labour could find themselves hoisted by their own petard as their behaviour awakens moral indignation in even the politically apethetic. Personally I blame the conservative for electing callow youth – vote none of the above!

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