Why do the young hate pensions?

This week the Pension PlayPen linked in group will exceed 15,000 members making it one of the largest and fastest growing linked in pension groups, WWW.PENSIONPLAYPEN.COM continues to bring together those within and without the pension industry for discussions on a Tuesday morning over a cup of coffee.

This week, the Pension PlayPen’s CEO, Steve Goddard takes on the testy issue of why young people are less keen on pensions than pensioners.

Kate will be joined by Pension PlayPen all-star, Tom McPhail and Barnett Waddingham’s Steph Gold for what looks like being a “vigorous” debate.

We all were all young once and many of my “older” generation, wonder how we made it thus far.

Is a hatred of pensions , an extension of Pete Townsend’s desiderata

Hope I die before I get old      ?

Or should we take the view of Noel Gallagher

You and I are going to live for ever?

Are pensions an exempla of the boomers pulling up the drawbridge or are they the means to finance a just transition?

Get your questions into chat and your fingers poised on the “hand raised” button for what should be an entertaining and stimulating 60 minutes this Tuesday

Register here

If , like me , you have difficulty locating the link on the day, here is your link for the day

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