Pensions for the people who like the state pension best – This morning 10.30


I’m really pleased to have Arun Muralidhar back joining us for a Pension PlayPen coffee morning. He’ll be talking about “Selfies”, his unique proposition which is catching on in countries as diverse as the Netherlands and Brazil.

His proposition is very simple

  1. The Government issues promises to pay income at a guaranteed rate for a certain time
  2. The pubic buys them with their pension pots.


Five reasons why I think this system works

  1. The Government will have a “gilt problem” as large pension schemes sell gilts to buy bulk annuities
  2. Getting paid a pension by the Government makes sense to many people who do not trust private sector financial services
  3. The idea of “swapping pots for income” is accepted as how we do things.
  4. The infrastructure to pay the gilts is easy, for most people it will be like extra state pension.
  5. What can we learn from Brazil and Holland?

Questions remain

Here are five things that I don’t get

  1. How can we make these strips of income last as long as their purchasers?
  2. Will they be acceptable as an investment pathway to insurers and trustees?
  3. Should they be tax advantaged when purchased with pension pots – Ufpls?
  4. Should there be a cap of how many of these Selfies , one person can buy?
  5. Should trustees be able to offer Selfies as a default or refuse their use?


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