Trott keeps her powder dry

We’re pretty noisy, the Government is schtum!

This may be the last PLSA conference of this parliament. It may be the last conference in which Pension Minister Laura Trott is in that role. Consensus is that in the short time she has held the brief she has been far too successful for pensions good, meaning she will be shortly moving on to better things.

I spoke with the CEO of one mastertrust at yesterday’s event who described the pension minister in glowing terms, He had no reason to, he just felt she needed recognition.

She is not seeking recognition, She is not at this Conference and is not down to speak , even by the dreaded video-link. Infact, most of the delegates and exhibitioners will probably never see her, never hear her speak in person. Trott keeps her powder dry.

Laura Trott at PLSA

She is hyper-active – but working with small groups such as this one earlier this year when she was launching her VFM consultation. She should be at maximum revs over the next few weeks

Right now – is crunch time. Will we have a Pensions Bill in the King’s Speech on November 7th? Will we find the Mansion House themes being promoted through legislation or will the pension industry be left to make the best of it with what it’s got.

Opinion on this seem divided. Steve Webb sounded gloomy, the PLSA policy team sounded optimistic, most of the audience seemed to want to get on with it.

Superfunds – CDC – VFM – consolidation – Illiquids – DB funding. There is so much to do and so little time for the Government to see its agenda through. We are in that policy purdah period where the sound of Government is the sound of silence.

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