Jonathan “Geek” – pensions awareness 2023- Tues 5th – 10am

Use this link for direct access to the event

Pension PlayPen supports Pension Awareness  and we have done for as long as Jonathan and Rachel have been promoting it through the Pension Geeks.

Although the exact date of Pension Awareness Day is has yet to be revealed, there is stuff happening throughout 11-15th September – as you can discover via the link.

The Geeks founded, maintained and drive forward pension awareness


The one thing that is common to Pension Awareness over the past 10 years are the Geeks

Rachel and Jonathan in geek shirts

It’s good to have Jonathan on this week’s coffee morning which is at the earlier time of 10 am so that we can get an hour of him , the Geeks and what Pension Awareness Week will be doing this month.

Although the Geeks are now owned by Aegon, they have an independent brief to promote pensions in the wider sense. As such the agendas of the Geeks and the PlayPen are aligned!

Back in 2013 , they’d already captured hearts and minds and many of the sponsors then are sponsors today.

Latterly, the Pension Awareness campaign has received support from the DWP and Pension Ministers have turned up on the famous blue bus

I know that some people are wanting to come to the coffee morning and are having trouble with the Pension PlayPen paywall. So – if you’ve taken the trouble to open this blog, here’s your reward. The link to the event is in the link to the invite below (and above)!

Use this link for direct access to the event

We look forward to Jonathan’s apparel at 10 am on Tuesday!

every geek must have a tee-shirt

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