The great DBate; Steve Hodder in conversation – 10.30 today!

It’s the hottest question in pensions, one that’s exercising the Bank of England , the PRA , TPR and should be exercising you today.

I’ll be putting the tough questions to LCP’s Steve Hodder, the man who spoke  for LCP in the the dark days of the LDI crisis and is speaking for them at next week’s Pension PlayPen coffee morning.

If you have any interest in pensions, DB or otherwise and you are alert to the nature of this £1.5 trillion opportunity then you should register. If you don’t know what I am going on about, read this morning’s blog “Not so fast, BOE calls for moderation in all things

If you’ve got time , read the transcript to the BOE’s Charlotte Gerkin’s call for moderation

And if you’d given up hope that we’d ever here encouragement for DB schemes to do more than lockdown, have a read of TPR’s Annual Funding Statement  –  and its announcement that contains the word “ambitious” in relation to long term funding targets.

As Steve Hodder has been saying on Linked in , while there is a rush to the factory gates where some advisers are handing out chicken dinners, schemes might want to take a step back and consider the merit of paying pensions!



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