Reinventing pensions – What (TF) does that mean? Find out this pm

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I’m participating in an event this afternoon called “reinventing pensions”.

All the details are on here

Oli Payne – who is organizing things knows a little about “reinvention”- he works for Ford who are having to reinvent their business model to compete with Tesla and the new paradigm of greener cars.

For Ford, the threat is existential, there is a very real chance there could be no Ford Motor Company in 20 years, there’s no plan B, Plan A had better work – that goes for motor manufacturing as much as the planet.

Pensions don’t have quite the same threat , or at least the people working in the pensions industry, who will be attending this event, don’t. Which is very much the problem.

Pensions need reinvention

Some aspects of the way we do things  need a good boot up the arse and I hope whoever is judging the shenanigans this afternoon will be asking what kind of impact the proposed innovations are going to have.

So if you can get to the City of London this pm – sign up – there’s still a space for you

You can register up to 4pm for the event from thislink


16:15 Welcome from Oli
16:30 Joe Burton – You’re already over-funded… But by how much?
16:40 Joe Craig – Why pensions need better stories
16:50 Georgia Stewart –Unlocking the pension superpower: Voting
17:00 Henry Tapper – Using member outcomes to determine value for money
17:20 BREAK
17:30 Jon Parker – ’20% for the planet’ – should pension schemes be mandated to invest with a social purpose?
17:40 Harry Brignull – Why is good design considered “optional” in the world of workplace pensions?
17:50 Danny Meehan  – Could letting the member choose be the path to true engagement?
18:00 Aled Davies – From digitisation to democratisation – how technology will Reinvent Pensions
18:10 Networking (until 19:00)

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