Wrexham’s fairytale – Yeovil’s horror story

Wrexham (WX) and Yeovil (YV) are proximate alphabetically and they share the distinction of having professional football teams in areas of the country barren of rivals.

Both Wrexham and Yeovil Town play in the National Conference this season. But that’s where similarities end.

Wrexham are currently the country’s favorite club, Yeovil aren’t. Yeovil’s loyal fan base is diminishing while Wrexham can attract crowds of 10,000+

Wrexham are owned by Hollywood stars, Yeovil doesn’t know who owns its football club

Wrexham are about to be promoted to the Football League, Yeovil have just been relegated to the National Conference South. Last week, Yeovil’s fate was sealed when Wrexham beat them 3-0 at their Racecourse Ground this week.

The ownership of football clubs

Yeovil Town represents the town of Yeovil but it has been owned over the past two decades by  property speculators who have stripped assets and invested precious little into the football team. This pattern of ownership is fairly typical among lower-league professional football clubs and it is something of a scandal. The loss of football league status at Yeovil is in sharp contrast to fortunes in the early years of the century when Yeovil climbed from non-league to the second tier of the football league. Luke Ayling, Dan Burn, Wayne Hennessey  and Ryan Mason all plied their trade at Huish Park at this time.

The real losers from the demise of Yeovil Town FC are the people of Yeovil, which despite its proximity to some of the posher rural villages and towns in Britain, is a bit of shit-hole.

Thankfully Yeovil has a skipper who gives a toss

Thank you Josh Staunton.

Wrexham is also a shit-hole but it has links to Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney who have shown themselves the kind of owners any club could dream of

Yeovil fans stay true, whether we’re up or down. We wish Wrexham well and look forward to playing them again in happier circumstances for us!

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