Plain Numbers – why not?

I like the sound of plain numbers – it is an initiative I could get behind as an individual and a business owner.

As co -Founder and CEO of Plain Numbers, Mike Ellicock puts it

Working with regulated firms and other organisations that have an interest in numbers and data being communicated in a way that is clear, fair and never misleading. 20 million adults in the UK have the numeracy that we expect of a primary school child (6m literacy) but there is no equivalent to the Plain English Campaign or their ‘Crystal Mark’. In most situations, not understanding the numbers can cause at least as much harm as not understanding the words. I am leading a rapidly growing team working with Partner firms to address this ‘Plain Numbers’ gap.

And I’m glad that Fidelity is embracing the concept of plain numbers too.

So here’s me , on a Sunday morning – reaching out to those who read these blogs – asking if you’ve tied into Plain Numbers as an organisation. Are they delivering? Should I be promoting?

Plain Numbers’ founders



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