Pension governance’s new look.

Two appointments this week have caught my eye. Sara Weller (right) is to replace Hector Sants as Chair of MaPS and Mary Starks is to conduct a three month review (to be delivered in May) of the Pensions Regulator.

It’s still worth saying what should eventually be unsaid, that women getting the most important roles is good for women, governance and good for men who could do with listening to another point of view. This is about as close as I get to the D&I debate on gender.

The second thing worth saying is about Mary Starks who is reviewing TPR with a lifetime experience in the Competition and Markets division of the FCA. We need to deliver VFM for the taxpayer from our regulators and I hope that Mary Starks will set out what another ex FCA Stalwart and woman , Nausicaa Delfas who is about to take on the role of TPR CEO.


I am also pleased to see that Louise Davey (nee Syvier) is now interim head of policy at TPR.

Louise Sivyer -TPR

The third thing I note is that Sara Weller has Multiple Sclerosis and her appointment is a bold statement about how having MS should not be a barrier to career advancement. I must say I am surprised that she wants to take on this challenging role and I expect to be astounded when she succeeds!

Behind both appointments is another woman, Laura Trott – who is clearly relishing her new role as Minister for Pensions.


Do you get the picture?


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  1. Byron McKeeby says:

    You get the picture?
    “Yes, we see”
    That’s when Henry fell for the leader of the pack

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