Frustration as “care” gets kicked like a can down the road.

Social care is a problem that doesn’t go away, just because we ignore it. Thanks To Charles Tallack for this important thread.

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2 Responses to Frustration as “care” gets kicked like a can down the road.

  1. Adrian Boulding says:

    To be clear, the reason why there is little or no private insurance available is that the wider context of social care makes it actuarially a pretty uninsurable risk.

    We need a clear and stable implementation of “Dilnot”, then the financial services industry can help people to plan how to meet their meet their costs up to the cap.

  2. It’s also the case that there are real problems with the proposed scheme. Having produced a (as far as I know, the only) scenario based model of the new scheme, it offers much less protection than suggested, because of the way it implements the income rules. it’s not that it needs a postponement, it needs a reworking.

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