Meet the first woman to reach north and south poles at today’s coffee morning

Pension PlayPen Coffee Morning – Tuesday 22 November at 10.30am

As the industry celebrates “Women in Pensions” we want to turn our attention to another strong woman, namely polar explorer Ann Daniels. 
Ann Daniels is the FIRST woman to have visited the NORTH and SOUTH poles!

Ann Daniels is a British explorer and motivational speaker. She and her team-mate Caroline Hamilton were the first women to reach both the North Pole and South Pole as part of an all-women team, in 2002.

She first reached the North Pole in the 1997 McVities Penguin Polar Relay and has been there at least six times in all.
Her first attempt to reach the North Pole solo, walking from Russia, was called off in 2005.

She has also appeared as a castaway on Desert Island Discs in January 2007 and was awarded an honorary DUniv degree from Stafford University in the same year.

She led the Catlin Arctic Survey expeditions in 2009, 2010 and 2011, with Pen Hadow.

Today she is a motivational speaker and we are delighted she can enlighten us with her ideas and stories!

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