The Consumer Duty – what was said and by whom – at Pension PlayPen’s coffee morning this week.

Judge for yourself how the FCA presents their attitude to the consumer duty by watching the video above or read this account of this week’s  Pension PlayPen coffee morning  in FT Adviser.

Michael Lawrence, who didn’t speak under Chatham House rules is quoted by the FT without context and that needs to be put right. It is great that the FCA speak at events such as the Coffee Morning, but Michael has a right to be annoyed that he is being quoted out of context.

He was, in my opinion, excellent. He deserved to be reported on in a more responsible fashion. The FT Adviser report makes no reference to the meeting or the nuance of the debate.

Thanks to Michael, no thanks to the FT – please attribute and when you report, please make sure that people understand what you are reporting on.

Journalists have a consumer duty too.


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