The good , bad and ugly of pension communications.

At our next Pension PlayPen Coffee Morning , we will be looking at Member Communications. Where is the pensions industry achieving good results? What’s bad and what’s downright ugly? Is the pensions industry making a spaghetti western of it.

The session will include a panel of experts in the field of member comms including Simon Grover (Quietroom), Kevin Hollister (Guiide) and Ian Beestin (Money Alive).

The event will be co hosted by Steve Goddard and  me – Chairman, Henry Tapper.

The agenda will try to find answers to vexed questions

What’s the value of Trustee Report & Accounts and Chairman’s Statements?

Are we listening to consumers?

What do consumers/members want?

Are there “easy wins?

and most importantly; what can we achieve in the next 5 years ?

It Should be a great session . We hope you can join in the conversation!

Register here

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