What we can do at work to help our colleagues with their cost of living

Johnny Timpson OBE

Johnny Timpson’s always got something positive to say. Whether it’s on my blog or on twitter or linked in , he’s on the button, thinking progressively. Today we get the reality check as we find out our latest energy cap (see below) . Millions of workers will be considering how they will be able to make ends meet over the next 12 to 18 months.

Whether you are a boss , a staff representative or simply someone who wants to help in your workplace , here’s Johnny’s good idea

Employee resource groups have become a popular and powerful way to foster community and connection for marginalized people. Employee resource groups also empower workers from underrepresented groups to collectively advocate for improvements to the workplace experience. In America ERGs are used  to improve diversity , equality and inclusion (DEI).

The article Johnny points us towards is useful in defining what they can do and how you can help start one at your own organization.  I think right now , when unions are absent from so many workplaces, Britain could adopt the idea of an employee resource group to help us through the cost of living crisis.

And it is a crisis

Helping staff to marshal the resources available to them is what any sensible employer should be doing right now. I want to know more about ERGs and how they can be adapted for the UK. I’d like to hear directly from MaPS about the support they can give ERGs through MoneyHelper. I’d be delighted if Johnny could give us his own thoughts about how firms could best take this forward.


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  1. John Mather says:

    Why not look a little more into the future before you decide what to do

    With the natural gas price hitting a new high, it is almost certain that Europe will fall into recession in 2H22 that will deepen in 2023 as a US downturn always has a cascading effect on Europe.

    It should be recalled that the deep recession in 1974-75 was triggered by a quadrupling in the price of oil in 1973.

    The price of natural gas in Europe has increased by 12-times. The US recession will be the result of Fed tightening with rates topping up 4.0% in 2023 with a small impact from Europe.

    Do something was the theme of the web meeting this week However there are only three types of people

    1.Those who make things happen
    2. Those that watch it happen
    3.The vast majority who didn’t know anything happened

    Choose which group you belong to

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