An Elizabeth on every throne

Liz Truss 1/10. Rishi Sunak 10/1. It’s one of those rare occasions where the odds are perfectly balanced- short of the commission you pay to Betfair this looks a neat alternative to a one month notice savings account (careful Tapper – this is closing in on advice!)

Anyone looking back on September 5th , as Rishi Sunak is handed the keys to no 10 will be able to remind me of the previous paragraph, but it strikes me that we have a president prime minister elect in Liz Truss and we can spend September getting used to what that feels like.

Which will give us with a Prime Minister and Queen – both by the name of Elizabeth.

The comparisons will be interesting


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2 Responses to An Elizabeth on every throne

  1. John Mather says:

    Do you think all this hype is very much like herding sheep? Add another £1 on Rishi

  2. Brian G says:

    There is no comparison. Truss will be an abject failure. She is a disaster in waiting. With her penchant for taking credit for things other people have done it will be interesting to see who she blames when she destroys the economy with her illiterate tax policy.

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