Truss is going to win because she is more popular

There was nothing surprising about Liz Truss’ winning second place in the conservative party parliamentary leadership election. She now goes forward with Rishi Sunak to sell herself to the 170,000 members. The bookies see her as an easy winner.

She is likely to win as she is much more popular than Sunak and because most Tory members secretly preferred Johnson. Truss has the advantage of not betraying Boris, indeed she has stood by him.

Her catch phrase is his catch phrase – she says she gets things done. Rishi on the other hand comes across as David Cameron 2.0. Cameron didn’t get much done and was a bit of a toff to boot, no-one liked him much.

Why is she popular?

Lis Truss is always doing things.

And she’s getting things done

She has also grasped that it is good to say the things that the people you are trying to influence want to hear. This she may have learned from Johnson and Trump – it is called Populism – she is a populist and Sunak is not. She’s not Nadine Dorries but she’s getting there.

This blog is going to really infuriate people like my friend Mark Scantlebury who is appalled that leaders are chosen because they say what people want to hear and do what people want to do them to. But that can’t be helped. Mark lives in Islington and has a beard – he gets riled when I call the bikes I use “Boris Bikes”. He isn’t a populist.

He is not smiling inside!

It may be that Truss blows up, maybe she’ll get the political equivalent of falling off your bike on the Champs Elysee with the Tour de France finishing line in site, but I doubt it.

She got her PPE from Oxford, just like Sunak, which  is more than Mark and I got!

Brexit happened, Trump happened , Bojo happened and now Truss is happening. Time that us grumpy old men woke up and smelled the coffee.

These odds tell me that Truss is three times more likely than Sunak to be the next Prime Minister – are you going to bet against it?


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3 Responses to Truss is going to win because she is more popular

  1. Conservatives would seem to vote for a log if it was wearing the right rosette. So few of them have a modicum of talent and even fewer have any understanding of compassion. Truss is one of the many vacuous politicians that you simply have to “press play” and she goes into auto repeat of every sanctioned catchphrase of the day. To my mind she has neither integrity or conviction on any matter except her own small minded thinking. She is arguably the most obviously contrived politician we have at present, using the media to re-imprint notions of Thatcher, whilst possessing none of Thatcher’s skills. The state of politics is abysmal and we probably have exactly what we deserve for voting like a bunch of deranged lemmings soaked in the mantras of offshore media moguls. The system is evidently broken if this is who leads the country of greed, self interest and stupidity.

  2. Dr+Robin+Rowles says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Dominic! There’s nobody in the current Government that I’d employ to fill the shelves in a charity shop, though granted I don’t run one. And anyway, why has the Conservative Party gone back to being the Tory Party? eugh!

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