James Mullins excellent presentation on pension buy-out/in (Pension PlayPen)

A number of people who attended James Mullins talk on buy-outs and buy-ins have asked for a recording. I’m not surprised, it was a gripping performance – I was gripped though I have no skin in these markets. Here is the link to the recording if you get asked for a password , it is YxR3NmV= .

If you are looking to listen, I suggest you use the slides which James has also shared. You can download them from this link or just use the set as published below.

This is one of the best talks we’ve had at recent Pension PlayPen coffee mornings. The market information is helpful, well explained and James answers the questions with precision and good humour (a tolerance of non-experts is in evidence!_

If you are looking to sharpen up your web-based presentation skills or even work out how you might be of interest to a Pension PlayPen audience, listen to James and follow his slides.

Pension PlayPen is now over 1000 members strong. We are a broad church and our coffee mornings appeal to a wide range of audiences. We are not “pay to speak”, nor do we charge to attend. That’s why we regularly get big attendances and great questions.

Thanks to James and thanks to those in the audience, next week we have Margaret Snowden who is currently in quarantine in the Arctic. My suggestion is that you join http://www.pensionplaypen.com and come to a few events. You’d be most welcome!

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  1. con keating says:

    James did another bulk annuitisation webinar yesterday – should be on the Hymans website
    Ralph McClelland from Sackers was superb. The playpen webinar and this would really tell you all you might need to know.

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