Red alert? – Wear a Shirt! We’re working not shirking next week!

Britain is about to face its hottest days on record. The web is telling me just where to fry in London on Monday

Brentford 41C

Isleworth 40C

Uxbridge 40C

Harrow 40C

Streatham 40C

Wimbledon 40C

Wandsworth 40C

Barnet 40C

Enfield 40C

Walthamstow 40C

Leytonstone 40C

Heathrow 40C

Northolt 40C

On Monday morning I’m holding a meeting with the DWP and around 20 influential people from the financial services industry looking at what we can do to help people through this cost of living crisis.

High on the agenda is to get those who aren’t claiming it and should be,ย  claiming pension credit

I am pleased to see that the Pensions Minister is adopting the sameย  robust approach to that meeting as i am!


Fri, Jul 15, 5:26 PM (13 hours ago)

Dear Henry
Of course we go aheadย ๐Ÿ‘




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  1. Martin T says:

    Working not shirking, excellent, well done, glad to hear its going ahead.

    I do hope though that everyone is sensible, in their attitude to a dress code for example. In the 1976 heatwave my father still insisted on wearing a jacket and tie to the Isle-of-Wight beach, “Standards should always be maintained!”.
    My uncle, who we holidayed with, considered it a personal triumph when my father reluctantly agreed to remove his jacket.
    But not his vest.

    There is a time and place for the vestiges of the raj attitude to a dress code but this is not it.

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