Hear Edi Truell – “live and unplugged” – this morning

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That great marmite-sandwich of a man, Edi Truell will be talking with me (and hopefully you) this morning at the Pension PlayPen coffee morning. You can be there by clicking through pensionplaypen.com to the link that sits on the events tab.

Edi’s agenda is wide and challenging, this will be no ordinary coffee morning! I’ll be hosting, Edi and I have a lot of time for each other but don’t expect any punches to be pulled!

1. Long Term Assets and build back better

Why Long Term Assets are better than the FCA proposals

Attempts by the ABI and specific insurers such as Phoenix to create a less vigorous solvency regime

2. How can superfunds  improve the member experience over insurance buy-out – specifically what’s in it for the member and sponsor

3. Whether the improved funding levels of UK DB schemes recorded by the PPF, suggest more or less buy-out activity to come

Strong getting stronger and weak weaker

Still need £800bn of capital to get to buyout

Nonsensical use of UK plc capital

Safely guaranteeing bankruptcy

4. Where the Superfund gains advantage as a long-term investor in productive capital

As long as the actuaries use real numbers not made up ones for the risks and rewards of private assets

We may have a chance to discuss other topics such as Edi’s idea for a “super-haven” for DC pots. But the rest of the agenda is yours!

It’s events like this that change the way we think about pensions, try and be there!

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