Living in a major incident

The  orange line tells us why Sadiq Khan has declared a”major incident” in London.

Latest government data shows there are 1,534 Covid patients in London hospitals – up 28.6% on last week.

This is what is happening where I live

and the increases in infection are very much happening to younger people

You don’t have to be a Covid actuary to work out that the recent spike in infections around where I live is likely to lead to the orange line continuing to rise. The sequence is “get sick, if you are unlucky- go to hospital – if you are very unlucky- die. We haven’t got to dying yet and I hope that we won’t. We are learning to keep people alive but long Covid is still very unpleasant and a lot of people have got it.

We ought to be very cautious at this moment, but I didn’t see much caution yesterday. My lunchtime run takes me along the Thames past parliament square. Except I crossed the river rather than run into this.

Demonstrators took part in a protest against the Covid-19 vaccination programme and vaccine passports in Parliament Square on Saturday

My evening run took me through Smithfield market , one of London’s hotspots for bars and clubs.  Be at One was heaving with young people at 6pm.


Familiarity breeds contempt

I don’t know where we have got this new found contempt for Covid. Perhaps it’s being vaxxed , but I doubt that many of the people I saw protesting or getting drunk yesterday were boosted.

These people had to get into central London and get out again, the spread of the new  variant is at an R>3. The chances of reinfection are high, one or even two jabs aren’t enough and still people come to claim back “freedom”.

Maybe we think we are now familiar with Covid. But we are not familiar with this new variant.

Living in a state of emergency

I don’t want to be a doomsayer. These waves pass.

But right now, central London is very dangerous, especially where I live. Stay away, and if you live here – stay safe.

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  1. Tim Simpson says:

    Hello Henry,
    Living in a major incident

    I agree in principle with the point you are trying to make. I will get as many vaccinations as it needs and being ‘high risk’ (aged 76) I will follow Professor Whitty’s recommendations; I know no bettter.

    But perhaps I might ‘bat for the other side’ Luckily, my job isn’t at risk! Whereas those in entertainment, hospitality, shops and similar have had to carry the can; while others have had a boom time. The BBC Radio 4 News at 6:00am today reported that the Prime Minister is under heavy pressure from his own back-benchers to scrap the CoVid restrictions etc. If correct, what is those back-benchers’ information and why is it more reliable than Professor Whitty’s? Tory MPs are quick to ridicule both him and the NHS recommendations! With that in mind, of course the public are going to take to the streets in protest. If it was my job on the line, I possibly would.

    If your photograph was taken today, I suggest you enlarge it and you will see that those faces discernable are not all youngsters but middle aged and elderly. I suggest that those in the pubs you refer to were possibly not the demonstrators. Yes, young people do believe they are immortal and good luck to them. I suggest we’re not much of an example to them anyway e.g. our Prime Minister?

    I recall the demonstrations against UK entering the iraq War (Tony Blair). Parliament had convinced me it was necessary etc. Who was right in the end? And Iraq is still not right yet. I never believed we should have gone into Afghanistan, look at the mess we’ve helped create there! And we get upset when the Daesh go recruiting etc in UK…! Eye-for-an-eye, is part of their creed.

    As Churchill said, he might not support opponents ideals but he defended their right to object. Come the time we are not allowed to demonstrate will be a sad for our democracy.

    Kind regards,
    Tim Simpson

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