Vote Zola to bark back better.

In a shameless attempt to win influence with those in high places, I have voted for Guy Opperman’s red labrador Zola in the Westminster dog of the year contest.

I am no expert in canine affairs, I didn’t even know there was such a beast as a fox-red labrador, thought Zola a pint sized striker and  didn’t know a mutt could have an “in depth knowledge of pension policy”.

But I’m keen to see Zola get the top job too and hope that you’ll spend a second voting. She has an important political role and I dare say without Zola we might not have had a Pension Scheme’s Act, CDC, a mandated pensions dashboard, criminal powers for TPR and the DB funding code. She could drive other pet projects at the Tory shindig kicking off today #CPC21.


Zola – the wonder dog

Zola is being put to good use “charming secretaries of state” and annoying passengers on the East Coast Line as his owner travels from Hexham to Westminster. She is also a calming influence on her owner as he prepares for Work and Pension Select Committees (is that as tough as it gets Guy?).

In the all important pitch for glory the Minister of State for pensions puts forwards Zola’s credentials thus;

Zola is clearly a trailblazer for fox red labs in Westminster demonstrating her worthiness of such a title. She is much loved by MPs and staffers alike for her adorableness and without a doubt would win a landslide in any parliamentary election.

Running for parliament?

Pimp ma bitch!

And there’s a personal story here too. Opperman regularly remarks about his fading charms, he does so again in Zola’s entry

We also are in desperate need of some good looks for the Instagram, so Zola fills that role as I cannot!

Some may wonder whether Opperman is desperately seeking his young and female side. I say – give the Minister and Zola a break – this dog is clearly perking our minister up, even if he doesn’t look overly enthusiastic about those Tory slogans.

Bloggers Balance

In the interest of blogging balance, I should point out that not everyone is impressed

But I’ve fallen  for this outsized puppy and won’t have any truck with such stuff

Normal service will be resumed next week. Let’s see how the Treasury and DWP are working together over this Big Investment Bang. My spies tell me that Opperman will need all the charm he can muster!



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  1. Peter Tompkins says:

    I cannot read this without remembering the dog that Gregory Barker used to bring to meetings. The meeting wasn’t quorate the until Otto his dachshund had entered the room and sat beneath the table at his feet. An uninformed attendee would have been astonished.

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