The return of the Pension PlayPen

Connecting people.

The Pension PlayPen is back and trending at

Steve Goddard of Goddard Perry and Salvus fame is at the helm and he’s invested his time and resources in transforming the site into an online marketplace for jobs, pension services and great ideas. The site links to the AgeWage and Pension PlayPen and I maintain Chairmanship  though as a non-exec.

Trending and trading

There is no online marketplace for pensions and Steve’s vision is to make Pension PlayPen a vibrant bazaar where people can interact and transact. Much purchasing  by pensions professionals could be done through online auctions and we hope in time to bring a new transparency to tendering of services.

I hope we can build a community of regular visitors who bookmark the site as essential to the trading we do in our business lives.

Partying on

I hope to re-start the lunches as soon as possible and I hope that some of the great traditions of the PlayPen such as our trips to the races , golf-days and excursions on our PlayPen boat- Lady Lucy, can be revived.

You can book your place on the river this summer and autumn on this link

Life is getting back to normal and moving from online decision making to offline fun looks to be a great combination.

We’ve always known how to party!

So click on right away and register for action!

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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