Living with losing? We’ve got a World Cup to win!

I had a day on the river yesterday with some beautiful young Indians from Swindon. Kind, courteous and generous with their food and culture. They knew me through a network of friends I have made through a gym in Slough.



Yes, that is a Nationwide shopping bag and yes there are connections to the game last night – the ones I want to think about are all positive.

The trolls are the losers.

Like millions of others, my heart went out to Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, aged 19, 21 and 23. 25 years ago the horror of missing a penalty was Gareth Soughgates

You’re my #1, you still turn me on, football’s coming home.

Trolls will be trolls, idiots will lost it at the ground. For most of us, midnight last night felt like this


I drove through the West End on my way back from the river getting home half an hour before the game. Everywhere was alive and energized.

It was raining and reports of violence outside the ground were already filtering through the five live commentary.

Three of the four pubs outside my flat in the City had the game on, all were packed. People had come to the City to drink where they always drink, the Cockpit, Rudds and the Rising Sun. The pubs had different feeds and when Shaw slotted home, I heard it first from the Rising Sun, second from our TV. Going outside I felt proud that blue shirts mixed with white , West Ham , Millwall and Yeovil all as one.

We have a world cup around the corner, football is our national game and we are one of the great sides in the world. Argentina won against Brazil in the Copa America, we stand in that company and I’m happy to include all home nations in that “we”.

I’m proud to be English and British and yes I’m proud to be playing in a European competition.

Next year we take on the world – bring it on!


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