What do you really think of CDC – go on – tell the RSA!

CDC is a target pension


The Royal Society of the Arts of which I am a proud member have been keen advocates of CDC for many years.  But rather than listening to the sound of their own voices (and mine), they’ve created a survey to find out what you think of CDC and you can be as rude or complimentary as you like.

According to ace actuary Chintan  , you can influence the future of pensions, in just 7 minutes 46 seconds*

the * is an actuarial estimate but I timed myself and I got through it quicker, even though I found myself saying “yes” rather than “no”, which is 50% longer in letters.

Enough of such pedantry, this is a noble exercise and even if you loathe CDC like a John Ralfey thing, your views are important.

So please take the survey which will launch from this link.

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