What can men do on International Women’s Day?

I’m challenged by it being International Women’s Day today. What can I do?

Firstly I can promote the inequality between men and women’s pensions via Scottish Widows who are prompting us with a simple questionhow can we fix that?

Secondly, I can ask myself in my work, what I can do to fix that.

Thirdly I can ask you , to spend some time today asking you to think about fixing it.

Men form the bulk of the readership of this blog, we should feel included as well as challenged by  this day celebrating women.


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  1. Peter DBeattie says:

    Henry. I do not understand why we in the UK have to have a day recognised for ‘women’ and no other day that recognises others? Surely if you feel its a ‘financial problem’ our way is to negotiate change with our employer/provider ie a ‘civil matter’ and not necessarily confidential matter between the parties concerned and not an involvement of a ‘third party’.

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