Can the City of London recover? It needs your help!

The City of London is in trouble. The Daily Telegraph reports on twitter that it has lost 10% of its residents over period of the pandemic.

This morning the Corporation sent me this message

Message from The City of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation has launched a Recovery Task Force which will provide a blueprint for how the Square Mile can remain internationally competitive and locally vibrant. The mission of the taskforce is to ensure the Square Mile is the world’s most innovative, inclusive and sustainable business ecosystem, and an attractive place to work, live, learn and visit. We have launched this survey to capture insights and views of residents, business owners, workers, students and visitors as we consider the future of the Square Mile. We want to hear from as many people as possible, from all backgrounds and communities, so please share among your colleagues, friends and network.

If you’re a City dweller (successful fella?)  or visit the City for work/fun, it would be good to get your views.

You may remember that my friend and ward rep. John Edwards has come up with the brilliant idea of a square mile running track. You can read all about it here.

John did his own survey of views on the track and the results are here

Clearly there is interest but maybe not enough yet to make the Corporation invest. If you want to add your voice you can still do by clicking here.

I have cuts and bruises from two falls over the past three weeks, both from uneven pavements, we really could do with outdoor facilities in the City, especially as the summer comes and we can get out more.

The City as a heritage site and the City as a financial institution

The City of London is both a financial institution and (IMO) a world heritage site. It looks forwards and back and nowhere is this more evident than at the Corporation’s HQ – the Guildhall.

remains of the ampitheatre under the Guildhall

The Corporation has responsibility for building back the City post-pandemic. The Guildhall is built over the Roman amphitheater that was used to entertain Londoners from the first century AD.

Directly above the amphitheater is the outline of its boundary marked into the Guildhall yard

And in this yard stands the City’s Covid testing centre

Covid testing in the Guildhall yard

The City could become a world heritage site and in twenty years time we could be talking about it as a former financial center, but for me it’s history is what it’s built on, not what it is. We have to restore it as the place to work and that means making it a place to live and play.

If you  like to work and you like to play;  if you want a vibrant, playful and hard-working City of London, now is your time to say so!

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