The grave threat to our hospitals; Dr. Oliver reads the stats.

The situation in our hospitals is serious and the threat to the NHS is obvious here in London, I live besides Barts hospital and the sirens of ambulances are a feature of every day. But what do the numbers tell us of what is happening?  We need not just a medical expert, but one who understands statistics. Thankfully we have Dr Nicola Oliver, who is both. We also have the Covid 19 actuaries on whom we can rely for an independent view of what is happening to us. You can read their bulletins at

Nicola Oliver – our thanks to her

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  1. Peter D Beattie says:

    One thing being overlooked is that only ‘lip service’ is given to ‘preventive care’ by the NHS and GP’s only seem to follow ‘minimum requirements from government’ such as ‘blood pressure and weight’ checks at prescribed intervals, especially for the elderly on pills, and little else to forward any monitoring or new or alternative techniques. Therefore at critical times such as now there is no reserve source of skills as a basis for a ‘Plan B’.

    Elderly FAS/PPF Pensioner and Military Veteran.

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