Bowles, my liege! DWP’s cruel blow to open pensions

Balls my liege – an insult from the Dauphin

Like a U-boat slipping silently out of its berth, amendments to the Pension Schemes Bill were launched into the rough swell of political waters on Monday (19th).

You can read the amendments here, though they seem to have eluded even the most vigilant searchlight of Jo Cumbo.  The Pension Plowman’s political antennae stay strong!

Bowles , my liege!

Dispassionately and without more ado, the Pensions Minister has simply left the amendment to the Pension Schemes Bill proposed by Sharon Bowles and supported by cross-party peers, including Ros Altmann.

Here is that amendment as it stands

and here is my blog about its value. Lords say no to the dumping of open DB schemes

We may not have heard the end of this



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