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Lockdown has been great for bringing people with different day jobs together with common interests. In this case it’s care homes. And the person to make contact is David Prowse, who is clearly one of those gentlemen the armed forces nurture – who live to serve.

David’s a full time carer for his mother and this is only one of the amazing things he’s done in his life. He wanted me to know about the plight of armed forces veterans in care homes and I’m very proud that he thought my blog a good place to get his point across. Perhaps we can do more.  Those of us in the Playpen know a few pensioners between us and may even be able to help give Op DYNAMO a steer.  Volunteers, anyone?




The challenge

The ‘Emergency funding for Frontline Armed Forces Charities working with Armed Forces communities’  is a  £6m opportunity. Can we use it  for  once in a generation support to a significant part of the Defence community and help address the #carehomecrisis?

The problem

The Royal British Legion Household Survey 2014 estimated 290,000 to 390,000 Armed Forces family members were living in care homes, meaning our ex-Service family makes up about half the UK care home population.

We don’t know all the needs in those 18,000 homes, but we can be pretty sure they want love and to know we’re there for them.


My suggestion

– a reverse Op DYNAMO (800 vessels assembled in six days to rescue 338,226 troops over nine days from Dunkirk) to:

Find – the veteran

Fix – their needs

Strike – up a long-term relationship

The military charities could divide the country between them, sharing out care homes and finding out their needs.

Typically, 10,000 care home residents die every month, that rate has doubled (ONS Eng & Wales 15 May 20); let’s mobilise DYNAMO now for our greatest generation.

If you agree – share.

If you can help – get in touch

If you know somebody that could help – ask them to get in touch.

The major military charities could collaborate and pool resources, divide the country between you, sharing out care homes , find out how many veterans each home has and what their needs are.

Colour of uniform doesn’t matter here, that can be sorted out later between the charities and I’m sure a funding quotient can be agreed through @Cobseo. Face-to-face is not required, charity coordinators can work from home and the risk is low.

Please use hashtag    ##carehomedynamo  on LinkedIn/Twitter.

 #carehomeDYNAMO #mentalhealthawarenessweek #militarycharities  #veterans #Cobseo #COVID19


David Prowse OBE can be reached on Linked in 



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