COVID-19 – your chances of infection

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The Office of National Statistics are now publishing statistics that look at the numbers of us UK Citizens who “have Covid-19”. That of course means different things to different folks, watch the video at the end of this blog for Chris Whitty’s explanation of what “being infected might mean to you”.

The ONS’ report focusses on infection at large (not what’s going on within hospitals and care homes where infection rates are much higher). They’re talking about “everyday” chances of getting the infection.

This thread takes you through the report in the ONS’ own tweets. I think this form of publishing is now standard and I hope that the number of blogs I’m publishing consisting of these threads is convincing sceptics of the value of twitter (used wisely)


Further watching

Our understanding of what happens when we get infected is clearly improving. This speech from Chris Whitty was delivered in Gresham College two weeks ago . If you feel you want to know more about the impact of infection, watch it.

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2 Responses to COVID-19 – your chances of infection

  1. Derek Scott says:

    Henry, please remember these are statistics for England only (although Wales may be included).

    Scottish statistics are provided by the NRS (National Registers of Scotland) not the ONS.

  2. P D BEATTIE says:

    How can anyone predict anything in the community as everyone is trying to avoid COVID-19 and probably does not want to know whether they have it or not. So too many hidden bugs out there. It’s ‘Titanic Iceberg’ problem – most of it hides ‘underwater’!

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