Any pension publicity (is good publicity)

A bad news pension story? Not for Sue.

Hats off to Tom Kelly, special investigator at the Daily Mail for breaking the story that between 2006 and 2014, thousands of people were scammed by the likes of Steven Ward through schemes such as Capita Oak, Ark, the Henley Retirement Plan and numerous other HMRC accredited occupational pensions.

To say this is stale news would be to state the bleeding obvious. But at least it is front page news which gives people like Sue Flood, some hope that the HMRC will cease harassing her for the money that she had stolen.

The pension scams that the Mail have “unearthed” are all fully documented on Angie Brooks’ Pension Life and on this blog. Steven Ward still walks the beaches of Southern Spain having retired on his ill-gotten gains, meanwhile new scams are being operated which we’ll no doubt still be reading about in ten years time.

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What doesn’t change is the misery for the likes of Sue and Dennis and all the other victims- many of whom are too frightened or ashamed to come forward.

Why I’m pleased that Tom has run this story and that the Daily Mail see it as front page news is that it will help relieve the misery for those who have suffered in so many ways.

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A good news pension story

As for arguments that Pensions deserves better publicity, we can turn to the Daily Express which runs a heavily politically biased story telling us to fill our boots

Around £3.8billion has been ploughed into stocks funds after the Prime Minister’s landslide win – the biggest influx of cash for more than four years. Experts welcomed the surge in confidence as a huge help for savers and small investors and raised the prospect of “large increases in the value of pension savings across the board in the coming months and years”. Former pensions minister Baroness Altmann said: “This is great news for pensions. The result of the election has been a breath of fresh air for the market, encouraging people to invest in UK stocks.


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