I’m leaving First Actuarial

It was kind of Kim at Professional Pensions to give my news some publicity

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I’m leaving First Actuarial on September 30th because I now need to spend all my time with AgeWage, which I think the most important company I have worked for.

But I am keeping strong ties with First Actuarial to whom I have given a substantial shareholding in AgeWage in recognition of the time of mine they have invested in it (and in Pension PlayPen).

First Actuarial are a brilliant organisation and they don’t need me. Many thanks to all those consultancies that through their incompetence have propelled First Actuarial from start-up to Britain’s 10th largest pension consultancy in just 15 years. You have made my job as First Actuarial’s Business Development Director very easy.

I remain the class thicko – not having more than a Maths AO level to my name. First Actuarial are about doing clever maths well and frankly they deserve better than my staggering technical incompetence.

That said, we have had 10 years of great fun and there is no-one in First Actuarial who I wouldn’t have a drink with. So thanks to the Founders and Partners and thanks to all the people who I worked with in the various offices and most of all thanks to Marina – who tried to organise me!

To all the people who I worked with outside First Actuarial, please support my colleagues who have staggering integrity and are very good at maths. They are good at talking about pensions too and they are genuine innovators (without them there would be no CDC in the “forthcoming” Pensions Bill!





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7 Responses to I’m leaving First Actuarial

  1. Terence P. O'Halloran says:

    All the very best for the future.

  2. Joe says:

    Wishing you well with the leap! A very exciting time. Huge things ahead.

  3. Eugen N says:

    All the best Henry! And good luck with AgeWage!

    • Anne Harper says:

      New starts for all this autumn! Great news for you and for gen x pensioners in waiting keep having fun.

  4. Richard says:

    Henry, what a wonderful way to leave a job.
    Our politicians could learn from you.
    I haven no doubt Age wage will go well too.

  5. Bill Finch says:

    All the best for the future Henry

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