Are doctors bleating heart – or do they have a point? Pension Play Pen lunch on Monday April 1st – Counting House

Play Pen

It’s easy enough to have a go at doctors and their pensions. But what’s forgotten is that they work for a career so they can retire on a decent wage. Their pension is central to their remuneration package and they feel it’s being mucked about with.

Anyone who has been on twitter these past few weeks, knows that doctors are vocal and furious.

Do they have a point or are they a bunch of bleeding/bleating hearts?

We will discuss at the Pension Play Pen lunch on Monday April 1st at the Counting House pub in Cornhill

As ever we will be sharing the bill (likely to be c £15) and Henry will be hosting. We start at 12.30 so be there well before.

We finish c 1.45 and you can stay on to network


Be there or be square!



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