Lady Lucy out lock-busting (again)!

It’s been a slow start to the boating year on the Thames. Heavy rain and snow made Easter boating unpleasant and dangerous and it’s only in the past few days that river-levels have subsided to take red boards off mid-Thames locks. There are still orange boards between Sonning and Hurley, but that didn’t stop Lady Lucy who lock-burst her way up to “George Clooney’s House“. Clooney has lived in the Berkshire village for nearly four years now , you can’t see his house (only the security cameras), but that doesn’t stop the prospect of being within a few yards of him, spurring Lady Lucy crews on. There’s a little bit of “Hello” magazine in all of us.

Enough of Clooney, here’s to Prashanth and friends who crewed us to Sonning and back yesterday (April 21).

I spend too much time on virtual communities and clearly miss-out on the real communities of Langley and Slough! I assumed that everyone who came were of one family but Prahanth explained to me that though they cook, pray and party together, they are bound simply by common origins in Bangalore!

This isn’t the place for boring comments about politics, but it struck me as we made away from one side of Berkshire to the other, that Theresa May (who’s constituency is in Maidenhead) could have done with being on the boat yesterday!

She might have enjoyed some excellent home cooking – including the unusual choice of swede for breakfast!


You can see from this shot of Lady Genevieve, who we passed on the run back to Hurley, that the river is still in flow.

Lady Genevieve

Well done to the lads for keeping the boat safe through the locks and moorings, especially our tricky landing at Shiplake island!

Boating for everyone!

If you want to charter a boat like Lady Lucy (there’s no boat quite like her!) for a day on the Thames, you are looking at £2,500. People come up to me on the towpath and ask me how they can come on my boat and are amazed that anyone can come on my boat for nothing at all!

All you have to do is sign up for one of our trips using eventbrite, the booking form is here and there are about 30 free days left this spring, summer and autumn. We actually have the weekend of 29-29th April free so you could bring your family, friends and pets with you as soon as next weekend! I’d be delighted if you would!

link to booking form

If you want to keep in touch and post your photos, we now have a Facebook pager

I love Lady Lucy Facebook page

If you – like Prashanth or Colin would like to put together a group and have the boat exclusively, please drop me a line at . It’s great to make new friends but things can go wrong if you don’t  know the rules!  See Mutiny at the Bounty!!!

Rodney – RIP

My happiness on being back on the water was tinged with a little sadness. For the first year since we’ve been going out (2007) , Rodney Bewes won’t be waving to us from Cera or from the Henley Booms.

Rodney – we will miss you tremendously!

Rodney rip

Rest in Peace

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