If you can’t be clever – have clever friends

Having clever friends has been the secret to whatever success I’ve had!

In my third year at college in 1983, a bloke in specs appeared. His name was David Wilson and he came out drinking with us. He was a really good bloke and I’ve often wondered what happened to him.

Last night, my old college, Selwyn College Cambridge, were on the University Challenge up against the sweaty socks of St Andrews. Blow me down but David Wilson was on, now Professor David Wilson . He captained the alumni to a heroic victory and Wilson knocked off 73 of our 145 points! You can watch it here!

David wilson 3

The whole team contributed and I’m pleased to confirm that Sophie (S) Wilson, the person who designed the BBC computer was a chess adversary of Stefan Zait – our BSPS hero!

David Wilson 5


Sophie left with Stefan, the year I arrived. David turned up as a PHD student , being that bit older – and a whole lot cleverer!

Mirum diem

Boxing Day 2017 will be a day of sporting wonder for me for many years to come. Not just were the Alumni doing their thing, but Yeovil Town recorded its first back to back victory since 2014 beating local rivals Cheltenham Town 2-0 away. Add to that news that Moonlight Camp is in preparation for his first race and England caning the Aussies in the Boxing Day test and you can see why yesterday was a “Mirum Diem”.

Selwyn College – no longer the backdoor!

Ok – Selwyn’s the college that no-one has ever heard of and till recently it had a reputation as the back-door to Cambridge. But I’ve got a shed load of Selwyn friends from the early eighties and a good few of them will be reading this blog.

So if you are, and you haven’t been in touch, drop me a line at henry.tapper@pensionplaypen.com

We might have a get together in the Cockpit in Blackfriars and I’ll get Zoe to switch on BBC2 for the next round.

Keep your friends close and your clever friends closest!

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