If you don’t think women can’t win, you haven’t been watching the cricket!

The wonderful series “the women’s cricket world cup” , culminated in a sell-out thriller at Lords on Sunday. It even had the Tapper family turning off the golf!

Back in the day, I liked to listen to the Au Pairs sing “it’s obvious” “We’re equal- we’re different” went the chorus.

The point is well made, women’s cricket cannot be judged by men’s cricket or by the way men play cricket. We do things differently. The best women can out-do most men at the men’s game but that is not the point.

It’s obvious that women’s cricket is brilliant to watch, whether you are a man or a woman (watch that video at the top!). Lords sold out and that’s an amazing transformation in a few years

It’s obvious that women have changed the perception of women’s cricket and have been given the space to do so by a receptive and progressive cricket authority.

It is equally obvious that the problems women find in the workplace can change to, given the benign environment that sport is now supplying.

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