Probably the best administrator in the world


Chris Chivers


I don’t mean to crow , but I’ve just had this email from Chris, the lad some call the office boy.

Good Afternoon 

I am trying to keep track of all my work and by doing this we have set up this spreadsheet to help me organise work better


Going forward if you would like me to do any work for you please can you fill out the request tab on the spreadsheet and then hit the macro which will send an email to me and the Basingstoke office admin mailbox.

Chris won’t mind me saying that he didn’t do well at school and left without much more than a bad report. In the years he has been with us he has become the go-to person for just about every problem known to an office.

And every time you ask him, he doesn’t just deliver, he makes you want to hug him. There was a time we used to laugh about the tattoos from Magalouf and the scars from his scary weekend binges. But he’s moved on and so have we.

Some people go on courses to learn about workflow, Chris seems to have come up with this latest wheeze on his own. Infact just about all the Basingstoke procedures have benefited from his common sense approach.

It’s the mark of a great organisation that they can find, develop and keep people like Chris, and Chris would be the first to accept that Marina, Keith , Sudha , Peter and all his other have been the people who’ve turned his life around.

But you’ve got to want to do this for yourself, and Chris, like many apprentices, has succeeded because of his determination not to let himself down.

I see a stunning career ahead of this 23 year old lad. I love him to death and my only fear in wishing him well, is that he gets a bit cocky. Chris, if you read this, know how much I appreciate the support i get from you and please , please keep doing these good things.

If you have an office superstar who would give Chris a run for his money, then maybe you could big them up on your blog, or give them a mention in the comments box below. I hope that Chris will never need a CV or another job, but if he does, this is my reference!

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3 Responses to Probably the best administrator in the world

  1. Karen says:

    Great to see staff so well appreciated. Good staff who use their initiative are key to any successful business. Keep up the good work Chris.

  2. Chris chivers says:

    Thank you very much for this Henry! Really appreciate it! Will always keep it up! 🙂

  3. henry tapper says:

    Looks like a lot of other people appreciate it too Chris. You are a great example and I’m proud to work with you.

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