What’s it like to support the worst team in the League?


Yesterday Yeovil Town lost again yesterday. This didn’t come as a surprise. As we sing to jubilant opposition supporters

“you’re nothing special – we lose every week”

In 2012 we were promoted through the play-offs

In 2013 we were relegated from the Champinship

in 2014 we were relegated from League 1

In 2015, we sit at the bottom of League 2, last of the 92 teams in the football league.

This dismal reversal is not because of a financial implosion as happened at Portsmouth, nor is it because of shady dealings as happened with Bournemouth, it is simply that after punching above its weight for many years, Yeovil have started punching below the standards expected by its supporters and -let’s face it – other clubs.

There is no great expectation, Somerset’s sporting pedigree is confined to a few great years of cricket where Frome’s Colin “Herbie” Dredge took on the world , ably assisted by lesser cricketers, such as Sir Ian Botham, Joel “BigBird” Garner and Sir Vivian Richards.

Yeovil was a beacon of light as a football club, mainly because “in the gloom , gold gathers light about it”. Yeovil has the highest levels of youth unemployment , has the lowest levels of racial diversity and the highest levels of teenage pregnancy in Southern England. The only thing viral about Yeovil are the STDs.

I like the place. It is pleasingly unpleasant and uncompromisingly resistant to gentrification from the surrounding villages. It is resolutely a crap town. But we sing of Somerset (full of cheese, cheese and more cheese) because we are the best team in Somerset and likely to remain so (unless Sherborne is moved across the border).

We know who we hate, we hate Hereford – though they are no more ; most of all we hate Weymouth. Weymouth play in claret and blue, so do Burnley. When Burnley came to the Huish in 2013 we asked them if they were Weymouth in disguise. There is a pleasing parochialism about our fans.

And then there is our song.

Cos the sign of a true supporter, is the colour of their heart

The hearts are of course green and white – whether we’re up or down.

For me a home game is a 240 mile round trip and I have to admit my enthusiasm has been dimmed by our dismal run. It is increasingly hard to get Olly to prioritise a day out watching our currently poor team, but we remain true!

I am not for sacking the Board or the manager. I’m not for wholesale changes of the team. If we go into the Conference, then we must accept that is what happens. We have been there before and we will regroup and find a way back. Darren Way and Terry Skiverton are the backbone of the club and together with a hardcore of around 3000 fans, Yeovil remains a club based around loyalty.

If you want to know what it’s like to be bottom of the league, it’s f*ckin sh*t. It keeps me awake at night and I hate it. But I’d rather support Yeovil, bottom of the league, than any club in the land – especially Weymouth.

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3 Responses to What’s it like to support the worst team in the League?

  1. henry tapper says:

    Now without a manager!

  2. paymanfrome says:

    Henry – Yeovil will have to vie with the likes of Bath City, Clevedon Town and of course Frome Town for the title BEST in SOMERSET

  3. henry tapper says:

    Frome – pah!

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