“If you can’t beat em – eat em” (pt 3)

Suarez was hereIf you haven’t read previous posts – please click here And if you want to read the Guardian’s attack on British journalism’s blatant xenaphobia click here Of course we will want to demonise Mr Suarez suarez 1 And for most of us , he’s no more than a Puto  PutosBottom line, the only people no-one wants to talk about right now is the England football team. england Which is just as well really. balatelli It’s a funny old game when old mate Mario is selfing himself as a good guy… armBut we are on Luis’ side- as this un shopped photo shows, he’s only doing his mob of rendering defenders armless. movie rightsFor the great man, a movie career beckons…. the laughBut the last laugh is on us!





What , in football’s name. have we got to be smug about!

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