Honey Honey you’ve got me – living on the floodplain!

This is my lock-keeper; they are the people who run the river. They do not live in ergonomically towers in Bristol, they are dedicated people who always go the extra mile for people who live, work and play on the river.






This is the river at Eton where the boys do the boating song “jolly boating weather”IMG_3970


This is the beauty of the river in winter- quiet and undisturbed


And here is the river as it is today, angry with the weight of many storms


When the clouds gather above Windsor Castle, the scene from our patio is almost apocalypic



Looking out of my front door, I see the river encroaching on the low lying island opposite. Muddy with the disturbance created upstream, this is a menacing river.



The flood gauge for me are the steps outside my house, right now we have a couple of steps to go before disaster strikes.

IMG_4046 Here am I in my chest high raider- I need the hat to look a twat.IMG_4054 This is my favourite place, where the Jubilee “relief” river empties into the Thames. Without this river we would be flood, with this river Datchet is flooded really badly. Should I be grateful of guilty?


This is the electricity station at Datchet- I hope they’ve turned the power off!



On a brighter note-here is Eton College, which is safe and sound, nice for David Cameron,unlucky for Datchet, Wraysbury and Staines.IMG_3961



This is the sight below the lock at Romsey.

IMG_3990I love this play of light on water

And here is Datchet golf course a week ago



What a difference a few days makes!




All that is left is a raised green – you get a one stroke penalty for being in the water hazard


This is Mark Stanley’s boatyard where our little boat Minivet is floating!


IMG_4085 IMG_4086  Check out this video – it’s scary!


IMG_4016This is the wreckage below the Victoria Bridge below Romney Lock. Tough on the vegetation , this flooding.

Water is beautiful and scary. I love the Thames and wishing Ii was by its banks this morning. As it is – it’s off to work in Salford.

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