Some law firms don’t geddit- Clyde and Company come up short.

What a muppet I appear to be!

Here is Clyde & Co‘s response to my feedback that I could not find a telephone number for their company on their website

Dear Mr Tapper,

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties navigating the Clyde & Co website, we endeavour to make the user experience as simple and efficient as possible.

The London office telephone number can be found on the London office page, as part of the Location tab. A link to this page is below for ease, or in the signature of this response.

Kind regards,
Clyde & Co LLP

The St Botolph Building | 138 Houndsditch | London EC3A 7AR | UK
Main +44 20 7876 5000 | Fax +44 20 7876 5111 |
The merged firm of Clyde & Co and Barlow Lyde & Gilbert

Well aren’t I just the stupid one!

This is what I “heard”….

I’m surprised you couldn’t find what you wanted,  we do our best but we can’t cater for numpties.

The number’s there alright and just look how elegant the path is to it. If you are too thick to press the link, the number’s at the bottom of the email.

You don’t get my name – I am Clyde & Co

The Clydeco website is very grand, it’s full of drop downs and clever little features. It is very fond of itself.  There is nothing about it that hints at compassion or humanity.Is it designed to impress or intimidate?

It looks grand but it doesn’t work.

There is no reason why I should expect to find a telephone number on a “location” page. My searches took me to where Clyde & Co wanted to take me, not where I wanted to be.

Navigating the website was like wandering around a big office late at night with  all the office doors locked.

Typical of the ClydeCo website is the “contact us” page.  I had expected  it would give me a telephone number – lawyers do have telephones and you’d have thought they’d like to speak to clients and prospects.

But the contact page seems to be a data capture mechanism designed to take up customer’s time in form-filling . It gives away nothing and sucks you into a series of unwelcome disclosures.

At least the inbox is answered (creditably quickly).

I suppose whoever sent the e-mail has met some KPI in terms of response times but that’s about all that could be positively said about the response.

The reproof in the first sentence of the e-mail is in the tone, the sentence has no less than seven triple syllable words. I am left in no doubt that I am on the naughty step! No doubt who is the Latin scholar around here!

For the “avoidance of doubt”, I “have trouble”, I do not “experience difficulties”, I “try”, I don’t “endeavour” and I don’t have “user expereriences” -ever! “For ease”, please do not use that phrase!

Look- I don’t need the number any more- I spent my 80p on directory enquiries– I was trying to help you with some feedback!

Even the messI age..

A quick text

“sorry-o20 7876 5000”.

would have been better but howabout….?

Yes- we see what you mean-it’s not easy to find the number- we’ll do something about it

What I got was crafted toput me down. No wonder the legal profession has the reputation it has.

Many people go to legal sites for highly sophisticated content but people  like me go to get a telephone number to avoid calling directory enquiries. Though our needs are humble , they are valid!

Clyde & Co, you won’t be getting much work from me if this is your way of dealing with people. 

 I like to recommend companies that put people first and use the internet to help people , not to show off.

About henry tapper

Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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6 Responses to Some law firms don’t geddit- Clyde and Company come up short.

  1. Martin says:

    Maybe we are both turning into grumpy old gits but it amazes me how people (like in this law firm) feel the need to give you the answer rather than deal with the problem (make the web site easier to navigate). Right thinking companies are desperate for customer feedback and pay a lot to receive it. My attitude is that if I can’t find it (on a web site), the web site is badly designed. Simple.

  2. I once notified a major city law firm that part of their website was not displaying properly in a commonly used browser that was not IE. No vested interest, just trying to be helpful. I was told in response that they spent a great deal of money on their website and so I must be wrong!

  3. Martin says:

    And this reminds me of the correspondence I recently had with a bank (who shall remain nameless) after they sent me an email on a security related issue with a link their login page and which looked exactly like a phishing attempt. When I tried to explain that they were educating their customers to be victims they just didn’t get it.

  4. henry tapper says:

    I don’t normally name individual companies. I don’t know Clyde & Co which is part of the point.

    These websites are supposed to be shop windows and when they don’t work, the feedback should be invaluable- how else are you going to get your shop window right.

    I hope that Clyde & Co take my comments in the right way and set about tweaking the small things like the contact details.

    I hope too that they review the way they respond to feedback and cut out this loquacious defensive stuff.

    Lawyers don’t need to use long words , they can speak the same language as their customers!

    They should also accept that they can be wrong and accept criticism in a constructive way. I suspect that is the hardest bit!

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