Snow business

On Monday evening the Tapsmobile set it’s wheels in a northerly direction and the following morning rolled into the little Perthshire village of Kinlochrannoch.

We left in a balmy 17 degrees of sunshine and arrived in a snowstorm. Such changes in climate will undoubtedly bring forth the Cassandras of global warming but this little post is in honour of the British weather.

Thank goodness we live on a little island that brings us a varied fare to give us something to talk about.

Thank goodness for this beautiful white stuff that brightens the mountains that surround me and intensifies the welkin’s evening luminescence.

We have been making this trek for 36 years now. My parents purchased a week in April on a timeshare basis when timeshare had not developed its reputation for over-supply and under-delivery.

You can now take on a timeshare like ours for nothing, provided you are prepared to pay the management fees. For young families looking to enjoy the delights of these hills, the fishing, the golf and the remote splendour, this is a wonderful time to buy.

There are no guarantees on the British weather but there’s a guarantee that you will return from this splendid country reinvigorated!

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  1. Mike Atkin says:

    Looks fantastic Henry – Add to that the free prescriptions, tuition fees etc etc and you would have to be mad not to – enjoy

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