Rose Metcalf- dancing seafarer to the rescue.

Did anyone hear the full interview on Radio Five Live this morning with Rose Metcalf?

The 22-year-old dancer told of her night helping passengers, staff and herself off the stricken Costa Concordia with a poise and understatement that suggests she has rather more strings to her bow than dancing in front of European cruisers –  if that’s what you call floating round the med in a town that sounds like a coffee shop.

I was particularly taken by the gag she had written as her farewell note to her Mum and Dad had she not survive. Apparently she had been parted from her luggage for a month after her flight out to the cruise. Her parting note would have read

Ironic that I am returning without the luggage

Tragic as the events on this boat are, the sinking of this Euro superliner on the very night of the downgrading of the Euro zone may be remembered more for the parallels between the two than for the human suffering involved.

Watch out for the jokes on “mock the week” and “have I got news” and remember we dissed them here first.

However, amidst all the recriminations that are bound to follow the massive ineptitude of those managing the boat’s navigation, Rose Metcalf will be remembered – at least on this blog – as a sound , witty and self-deprecating seafarer who put her passengers, fellow-staff and family first.

Rose Metcalf- we salute you! And here’s a rather more flattering photo of you than the one published in the Daily Mail this morning!

Update ***Update***Update***Update

Whooah! Now we discover Rose is a Dorset girl from Wimborne where my relations are the funeral directors (you can step down lads).

The fine rag “the Bournmouth Echo have celarly doorstepped Mr and Mrs Metcalf and got this great interview from their brave daughter.

“It was very dramatic,” Rose said.

“Men came down in harnesses and took us off.

“The worse thing was the thought of jumping into the cold water in the dark.”

All her personal possessions, including passport and money were left on board.

Rose called home at 3am on Saturday morning to tell her parents she was safe.

Dad Philip picked up Rose’s phone message a few seconds after she left it but had no way of getting back to her immediately.

Rose was having a coffee when she heard a loud bang and then the lights went out.

At first they were told it was an electrical fault.

Rose said: “It was about nine o’clock and I was in the restaurant having a cappuccino when there was a huge bang.

“Water started coming in and the lights went off and everybody was running around not knowing what to do.

“I was still in my dance clothes and I dashed off to my cabin where I had a hangar of dry clothes and I put them on with a life jacket.

“Then I had to go to a station point because I was staff. The ship was listing almost immediately.

“When I got to the station point they said it was an electrical problem and told me to go back and put my dress on, but I said no way.

“I then went off to help calm the passengers and helped do a roll call. People then started getting into the boats and by this time it was quite full of water.”



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14 Responses to Rose Metcalf- dancing seafarer to the rescue.

  1. henry tapper says:

    As predicted, here comes the first of the political wags- why if it isn’t William Hague! Feel free to paste further examples of ill-judged comparisons.

    Via Twitter
    UK braced for eurozone meltdown: Hague compares crisis to stricken Costa Concordia cruise ship

  2. henry tapper says:

    Another explicit comparison from my freind Dawid t#as Dawid1 on twitter

    Burgeoning #Pension Liabilities? Welcome aboard the Costa Concordia.

  3. henry tapper says:

    And another on mallowstreet from Simon Mclean of Pentrus

    As the tragic events unfolded on Friday night, it appears that near-panic among the crew added to the mayhem on board.

    Reminds me of most trading managers response to Black Wednesday, just before HMS Sterling unhooked itself from the ERM Iceberg…

  4. Phil Metcalf says:

    I notice that the newspaper that she didn’t give an interview to, was the one to defame her character. The details came from a Radio Solent interview plus entirely fictional quotes.
    Rose is a dancer and a blonde, so she must be thick – not so, she has a first class degree (BA Theatrical Dance) as well as being a fully qualifed dance teacher.
    We British hate our own heroes, most British school children think Winston Churchill is a dog!

    If you win a gold medal in the Olympics and you are English, look out for having your personal life scrutinized in the press.

    • henry tapper says:


      I couldn’t agree more- thanks!

      • Rose Metcalf says:

        Yes, it was so perfectly poetic that the paper I refused, because I believe the quality of the reporting to be poor, should then create sensation by insinuating I led an immoral life on board.
        I think I can guess who your relations in Wimborne may be, Henry! Thankfully our family won’t be needing their services just yet.
        I’m glad you could appreciate the unusual humour we Metcalfs share!
        Thank you for the kind words.

      • henry tapper says:

        Yes the Tappers of Wimbourne are to be avoided for sure!

        Hope that your career goes from strength to strength!

  5. Fred Koepke says:

    Wow! Beautiful,brainy and brave….I’m in love…..sigh

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  10. thomas says:

    Such strength Rose. Thank you for all souls you helped with this horrific event. I thought we only die once, Having been brought back a second chance given to me comes daily side effects which are demanding. Rose, thankfully Thomas..

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